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What goes on at a Naturist Beach? The same things that goes on at a regular beach except usually with a lot more people with a lot more exposed skin.

Do I have to be naked a Naturist Beach? No, in fact we recommend you do NOT get naked your first time. Relax and settle in. Soon those wearing only the sun and a smile will start to seem more natural and comfortable than those strapped into their sweaty, soggy and constricting fashion designer statements.

What will I find when I go there the first time? You will find lots of naked people of all ages, sizes, and shapes walking, swimming, playing and just generally enjoying the sunshine. You will also discover that most people really look much better WITH clothes or bathing suits on. You will realize how much bathing suits shape, form, mold, push, squeeze and otherwise simply cover up imperfect flesh that some consider as less than perfection. You will find a beach full of people grounded in reality, accepting the flaws and body imperfections that plague us all.

You will definitely not find any air-brushed models like those who adorn popular magazines. People in those pictures aren't real - those bodies don't exist without PhotoShop. Accepting bodies as how we really are and understanding we are all less than cover-ready is called "body acceptance". For many, seeing and eventually grasping the reality that we are all wearing imperfect bodies soon relieves the social and marketing pressures that drive us to endlessly chase that impossible fantasy of photoshopped perfection.

What are the beaches like? Most Naturist beaches can be natural and undeveloped with no commercial business, phones, or showers. There are usually rest rooms at the parking lots but usually not enough parking spaces. Alcohol may be allowed (check park rules) but never glass containers. In Canaveral National Seashores (CNS) you will find plenty of room to be as private as you want along the approximately 12 miles of pristine, desolate beach between Playalinda and Apollo beaches.

Will people stare if I undress? When you go to a clothed beach there are always girl-watchers and boy-watchers. Naturist beaches are no different. The only difference is that the sooner you get naked the sooner you blend in.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for going to a Naturist Beach? Yes. Invest in large quantities of sun blocker. Exposing never-before-seen-the-sun skin to the salt air and bright sunshine is going to quickly turn that pasty pale into painful pink. Don't overlook the areolas and the bulbous end of your joy stick because those aeas do not have the same natural sun protection as does regular skin. Be assured that once the knob is sun burned, it will not let you forget it for a VERY LONG time!

Bring some big beach towels. Sand getting in to newly unguarded places will quickly ruin your afternoon

Bring big-box quantities of bug repellant just in case. Many Naturist Beaches are truly wild and undeveloped areas. While the beach breezes usually protect sunbathers from mosquitos while on the sand, overgrown parking areas can provide prime feeding grounds for pesky bugs. Canaveral National Seashore is square in the middle of an area referred to as "Mosquito Lagoon" and there is a reason for that honor!

Finally, bring a big bag to tote your trash out. There are usuall no trash containers on the beach and beach winds will give you plenty of exercise chasing trash if you don't keep it corralled.gatherings in which Naturists can participate in non-sexual social activities wearing only their birthday suits.

What are some do's and don't's at a Naturist Beach?
• Clothing Optional means optional - nudity is never required
• Stay in designated nude areas
• Respect the property and privacy of others
• Don't stare - it is rude and disrespectful
• Respect all sexual preference choices
• Smoke only downwind of others
• Drink responsibly (where permitted)
• Sexual activity or displays of arousal will get you arrested - and please report any abuses to the rangers
• Illegal substances are still illegal on nude beaches - report abuses
• Take pictures only with permission
• Speak up for Standards - explain it politely and plainly
• Stay out environmentally sensitive areas where plant roots protect against beach erosion
• Take your litter home with you

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