It is Never Over. There will always be people in power that believe it their obligation to protect societal order and morality by restricting the actions of the inconvenient minority.

The worst case is always if leaders in power believe it their duty to impose their personal religious beliefs on unbelievers. The world thought little of nudity until the age of Enlightenment (1680s), but even piano legs were required to wear skirts when the flash fire of the religious influence of the Victorian Age (1837+) overwhelmed much of the known-world.

Open-minded people are intrigued that Christianity had no problem with nakedness for hundreds of years after the time of Christ. Public nakedness was common, normal and accepted then. If Jesus, the Apostles, or the early church leaders really had a problem with the public nakedness of the time, why is there not a single word of criticism of nakedness in Gospels?

The early Christian Church, as recent as 400 AD required new Christian converts to be completely naked for their public baptisms.

Early Christian Church leaders, shortly after the time of Christ, complained in written letters that they were being refused access to some of the Roman Public Baths. These Public Baths were the social gathering area of the times. Citizens would spend their afternoons at the baths as often as their schedules allowed. The baths were the most popular area for socializing and conducting business as well. Men and women alike would spend hours socializing and frolicking in the pools, all while completely naked. Again, not word of Christian criticism in any of the written historic records!

There is a reason why the historic cathedrals in Europe are full of paintings and statues of naked people - that is the way people looked and dressed back then. Later, when the Catholic church changed its mind about nakedness, it commissioned local artists to paint clothing and wispy strips of strategically-placed cloth onto many of the paintings, well, at least the ones they could easily reach from the floor. That's why Michelangelo's "Touch of God" painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is still showing Adam's willy.

The current Pope recently stated he sees nothing wrong with nudity

Honest people will concede these points. Unfortunately there are always plenty of self-appointed local church leaders who love to make up rules to scare the listeners and plenty of zealots that fight to impose these fictions on anyone they can.

This is one the main reasons CFN and all other naturist organizations must remain vigilant. Religious- fueled politicians are continuously trying to protect us from ourselves.

Join us in our quest. If you have never tried soaking up sun, put on your bucket list today and pledge to make the plunge before the end of this summer season. Once you try it, you will be changed forever.

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